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In 2015, I started looking around for a better solution than the paper and spreadsheet-based tools I had been providing to clients to manage their Quality Management System (QMS).  I found that the available software was either

a) ridiculously expensive, to the point that I couldn't recommend it with a straight face, or 

b) so rigid it couldn't accommodate my client's unique needs, or

c) so specific that you have to piece together several different software programs to come up with a QMS Frankenstein.  


In the fall of 2015, one of my clients, MANTL, asked me to automate their quality processes using their process management software.  I was blown away by how powerful, easy-to-use and affordable this software was. I went in to meet with RPM Software, the small, Calgary-based company that developed this software and found a hard-working, bright and energetic group of people with an amazing product.  I was hooked. I convinced another one of my clients to try it, and they were hooked.  Then another.  In the fall of 2016, I worked with RPM to co-develop the processes for Quartz QMS. We wanted to develop a set of out-of-the-box processes that would be ISO 9001 compliant right from day one.  These processes would also provide a starting point for a QMS that could be easily and quickly configured for any company.  Our first trade show was at the ASQ Conference in November 2016. Here's a picture of Brad Keitel, Jeremy Wilcox and me at that tradeshow (at the time, we were calling the software Cube).

2016 Quality Tradeshow

In 2017 we developed the Quartz QMS name and logo.  In 2019, RPM was acquired by ScanSource. We're looking forward to sharing this technology with you.

Tel: 403.827.4877   |  Calgary, Alberta  |

Sara Haynes, P.Eng.

Founder and President

Sara is a chemical engineer, a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Quality Engineer, a Lean project manager, holds a Mastery of Re-Engineering and a green belt in QFD.  She is currently the Vice President of Manufacturing at August Electronics, and has also served as the Director of Quality & Operational Excellence at SMART Technologies, one of the top 20 high-tech firms in Canada.  She has over 20 years experience in developing and implementing quality programs and executing business process transformations in a wide range of industries, including electronics manufacturing, oil & gas service, construction, property management, food & beverage, metal fabrication, municipal government, agriculture and healthcare. Sara was one of the proud recipients of the 2016 Calgary Quality and Business Excellence Gold award. 

Sara developed and teaches courses for the Lean and Continuous Improvement program at Mount Royal University, and is a guest lecturer at the University of Calgary. She co-founded the Business Process Management Community of Practice in Calgary that grew to over 100 members. ​Sara has been a speaker at conferences across North America on Six Sigma, Lean and Quality. 


Sara enjoys mountain biking, ultimate frisbee and downhill skiing.  She has 2 children and a lot of pretend pets.

Tel: 403.827.4877   |  Calgary, Alberta  |

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