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Fair-Weather Safety

Workplace fatalities in Alberta increased by 15% last year, despite the high levels of unemployment in the province, says Monday's article in the Herald. We are used to seeing safety incidents rise during the boom times in Alberta, because there's more people working, and in higher-risk industries, like construction. But what could be causing this increase in safety incidents during a recession? Many companies will swear allegiance to safety when new business is easy to reel

Missing Maintenance Records Lets Drunk Drivers Go Free

A recent article in the Calgary Herald described how prosecutors had to stay charges against Alberta motorists accused of driving over the legal blood-alcohol limit of .08 due to missing maintenance records for breathalyzers. Apparently, the company contracted to do maintenance on the breathayzers, Davtech, did not keep records of their service history. A quick look through the Davtech website revealed that they do not claim to be ISO 9001 certified. However, they did have

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