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Are you frustrated using spreadsheets and paper to manage your quality system?

Do you have to chase people down to update NCRs and corrective actions?  

Are you spending hours creating quality reports that you're not sure anybody actually reads?


Watch the video below to find out how to break these frustrating patterns for good.

Take Control. Save Time. Gain Insight.

Tel: 403.827.4877   |  Calgary, Alberta  |

Discover how MANTL's QHSE Director got back days out of his month through Quartz. MANTL is a progressing cavity pump provider for the oil field with field offices in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Discover how this Baker-Hughes product supply manager saved 10 hours per week using Quartz.

Baker-Hughes is one of the world's largest oilfield services providers.

Quartz is a cloud-based alternative to spreadsheets and complicated enterprise systems to automate your quality management processes easily, quickly and affordably.  


It is a cloud software platform that comes with out-of-the-box quality processes, guaranteed to be compliant with ISO 9001.  Want to change the software to suit your business?  No problem.  Our software can be quickly modified to match your unique business needs.  Know exactly where the problems are in your operations with our real-time dashboards.  Get things done with automated emails and alerts.

Quartz is a software unlike any other. It is affordable, fast to implement, and easy to change. The chart below shows you how Quartz stacks up against other software packages.  

These application-specific software packages are inexpensive, but rigid. You are generally not able to customize and are forced to use the designer's process. 

These enterprise-wide software packages are powerful, but are 

expensive and have a steep learning curve.  They can take years to implement, require extensive training, and require IT teams to support it. Changes are difficult to make.




These software packages are agile and expensive. They are configurable, but usually only by highly-skilled consultants.  Changes require a fleet of consultants, or a full-time employee to support the software.

These software packages are very affordable and agile, providing great value for the investment.  For most of us, it's hard to imagine how we'd work without them. They are used by most businesses for data processing, record-keeping and communication.   


Tel: 403.827.4877   |  Calgary, Alberta  |


Non-Conformance Reports can either be the engine or bane of your quality management system. Quartz allows employees to easily and quickly enter non-conformance information on their phone, iPad or computer. The non-conformance is automatically routed to the right person for immediate review and dispositioning. Automated reminders means no more chasing people down for sign-offs and approvals.  Do you need to rework the non-conformance?  No problem. Quartz will remind you to document how you verified the re-worked product, to stay on the right side of the auditors.  Was the NCR caused by a supplier?  No problem. Quartz will keep track of that information for when it's time to evaluate that supplier.  

As the NCR is updated with new information, anyone who needs to know about it is automatically notified. Assign root cause, track costs, and attach photos, all at the click of a button.  Want to add a new root cause category? Don't call IT.  Just go to setup, click on "root cause" and type in your new root cause category. Easy peasy.

Quartz comes with the following out-of-the-box tools

to help you manage quality

Document Control

One-stop shopping for all the mission-critical documents in your company. Powerful search capabilities let you find the information you need, when you need it. The built-in workflows for document review and approval make compliance with ISO 9001 a snap. Any document can be uploaded to Quartz's document library - pdfs, Word, spreadsheets, presentations, and even videos.  Version control and revision history can be maintained in Quartz instead of in your document.  When any document is updated, Quartz will notify everyone who needs to know.  

Training Tracking

Training, competency and awareness is a vital part of an ISO 9001 program. Keeping track of which 

employees are trained on which topics, and whether their certificates have expired, can be an administrative nightmare.  Save time and save your sanity by letting Quartz keep track of employees (and contractors) training requirements and records.  Quickly and easily customize the training roles and requirements to your company.


Inspections are a critical part of your Quality Control program.  Make inspections easy and quick to complete right on the production floor or in the field, using a tablet or phone.  If any inspection results need further attention, you can create an NCR at the touch of a button. Inspection records can be quickly searched and retrieved by date, inspector, tool used, part number, serial number, etc., saving you hours of time.  Inspection results can be displayed on the dashboard, using metrics like yield, DPMO, or any other custom metric you'd like to use.  Quickly and easily customize the inspection forms to your process.


Quartz is an auditor's right-hand person.  It allows you to plan audits and assign them to auditors. You can track which requirements are in or out of compliance.  NCRs are easily created right from the audit page, and can be traced through to corrective action.  You can attach audit checklists and objective evidence.  Do you need to track supplier audits separately from customer audits, separately from registrar audits? Great.  Sort, filter and search based on the kinds of audits you conduct.


Quartz won't actually do the audit for you, but it's the next best thing.  

Supplier Management

Qualifying new suppliers can be tough.  After they fill out your questionnaires and you visit their site, how do you decide whether or not they get onto your Approved Suppliers List?  What if there are a lot of risks but they're the only ones who can do the customization you require?  Quartz will help you assess suppliers using nine criteria to determine a risk score, and allow you to create, track and manage all the actions required to start working with a new supplier.  

Whenever you have a problem with a supplier, it can be quickly logged in Quartz and tracked to completion.  At vendor evaluation time, it's a breeze to pull up a supplier and view all of the issues that happened over the year.  No more scouring emails for information, or uncomfortable conversations about how many times deliveries were late.  Have the data right at your fingertips.

Risk Assessment

Assessing and mitigating risk is an integral part of the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 standard.  Quartz comes with a pre-defined process to assist you with identifying and prioritizing risks to your business.  Risk criteria and tolerance guides can be customized to your organization within minutes.  Create, track and manage actions to mitigate risk, all from within Quartz.  See the status of your risks as soon as you log in. 

Preventive Maintenance

Reduce unplanned downtime and increase productivity by planning and scheduling preventive maintenance in Quartz.  Load your weekly, monthly and annual maintenance tasks, and let Quartz take care of the rest. Automated reminders and alerts lets you know when tasks are due, and Quartz allows you to assign and manage action items.  View service history for any piece of equipment at the click of a button.  See the status of your preventive maintenance as soon as you log in.  Attach maintenance procedures and manuals directly in Quartz.


Let Quartz take the worry out of calibration.  Quartz will notify you when your gages are coming up for calibration, and let you assign them to employees for calibration. Easily search, sort and filter your gages. Scan and save calibration records to Quartz.  Do you have 932 gages to be entered into Quartz?  Don't hire extra help.  Use the import feature to upload your gage data from Excel in seconds.  Free up your time to work on other projects.

Management of Change

Use Quartz to plan, communicate and manage changes to standard practices and products. Anyone who needs to know about upcoming changes to a manufacturing process, product, or field service practices, can be alerted immediately upon the change being entered in Quartz. Track any actions associated with 

the change, like updates to inspections or documentation. Manage changes to materials, and ensure 

relevant procedures are updated. Quartz can help you make sure there are no mistakes, like forgetting to update the packaging, or conflicts with other changes. Make sure everyone knows about temporary deviations in materials or processes.  Set automatic expiry dates and send approvals automatically.  

Look up past deviations quickly and easily.

Customer Complaints

Is there anything worse than having your day chewed up by chasing down a vague customer complaint? Using pre-defined fields in Quartz ensures that all relevant details about the complaint are captured, like model number, order number, and who to contact with follow-up questions.  Create corrective actions right from the complaint to get to the root cause and ensure it doesn't happen again. Take immediate action through automated tasks, alerts and notifications.  Log all communication with the customer in Quartz so you don't look disorganized by sending a customer the same information 3 times.   


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No internet connection? No problem. Use Quartz offline, and sync up automatically when you're online again.  


All users have full-time access to Quartz's knowledgebase, easily searchable and available 24/7 to answer all your questions.  Watch our video tutorials for step-by-step instructions on common operations.  Call or email the support team anytime.


You can use Quartz from your desktop computer, iPhone, smartphone, iPad or tablet. Download the Quartz app from Google Play or Apple's App Store.  Compatible with every major browser.   


Rest assured your confidential information is secure in Quartz. Quartz uses 128bit SSL connection, just like on-line banking.  Each of Quartz's multiple database servers keeps its own hourly backups. Those backups are copied daily to separate backup servers. Security is tested regularly using manual and automated recursion on every version of the the software that is released. Security testing is performed on test and live server farms using Netsparker and other tools. And, no third party code has access to the databases.



Say goodbye to the hassles of desktop software. No more version updates or lost files. Quartz QMS is always online and just a click away. 


Quartz was 100% developed in Calgary, Alberta. All data is hosted on Amazon servers located in Montreal.  No data will travel outside of Canada. 100% of support staff is located in Calgary, Alberta.  

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