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What Do World-Class Companies Do Differently?

The results of the 2nd Global State of Quality survey by ASQ were released earlier this year. The international survey had 1665 responses from both service (41%) and manufacturing (59%) industries. See report here.

The report identified the following characteristics as representative of world-class quality, regardless of industry:

  • sees quality as a strategic asset and competitive differentiator

  • greater than $1 million in net savings from quality

  • measures the cost of remediation

  • increasing investment from quality

  • visible metrics on performance against customer needs

  • understands product/service performance through customer's eyes

  • standard reporting across the organization

  • trains suppliers in quality

  • comprehensive training offerings available

  • trains all employees in quality

I find it telling, but not surprising, that 3 of these 10 characteristics involve training. How does your organization stack up against these 10 practices?

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