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When Quality Matters


Sigma Solutions helps small and medium-sized companies implement and maintain Quality Management Systems, so they can get certified and stay certified, quickly and affordably. 

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Our seasoned consultants are ready to learn about your unique challenges, and provide practical recommendations for solving your quality problems.  


We take the stress out of ISO 9001 certification.  We will get you ISO certified - quickly, efficiently and affordably.


We provide hands-on, classroom training on a wide variety of quality topics, from ISO 9001 to Lean Six Sigma.  

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Supplier Quality

Our software can alert you to supplier problems, before they become yours.  Gain visibility into production problems before they leave the dock.  


Are you frustrated with using spreadsheets and paper to manage quality? We have the solution. Our clients save 10 hours per week after switching to our software. 

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Falling behind on your audit schedule? We can help. Our friendly auditors will audit to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

  Check out these free resources.

All the ISO 9001 documentation you need, for free.  Really!

Custom solutions for your industry.

Each industry has its own needs, and your Quality Management System needs to match those needs.  Leverage our expertise to help you design and implement an efficient Quality Management System. 






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